Liceum in Kamienica Polska  a brief history and main activities

Liceum in Kamienica Polska is one of a few village secondary schools in Poland. It was founded in 1945, when a group of enthusiasts under the leadership of Janina Domagalska - the first headmaster of Liceum, was given a permission to establish a secondary school in the building of a pre-war summer school, which was part of  the Sienkiewicz Liceum in Częstochowa. Everybody, visiting the school for the first time, takes notice of the beautiful location of it. The school building is situated on the picturesque hill, surrounded by pine woods.  
    Initially students were cramped in the one-level building and nearby barracks. In the 1950s the building was elevated with an additional floor, which greatly improved learning conditions. Now Liceum has at its disposal well equipped subject labs, a computer study, a foreign language classroom and a gym. (students also take advantage of the full-size gym in the neighboring Primary School nr 2)

From the beginning, Liceum has attracted young people from Kamienica Polska and the nearby villages, giving them a chance of receiving good education and thereby better opportunities in the future. Looking back at our predecessors we try not to forget about the history of our school and live up to its motto, which is "Omnes unum Simus" (Let us all be one). It is the main principle of our educational programme.At the time when the role of the school is quickly changing we want to develop students' skills with a view to enhancing their employability. We place a particular emphasis on the learning of foreign languages, which is facilitated by our students taking part in the students exchanges, and on the ability of using a computer and new information and communication technologies. This is possible owing to the new modern computer study.
Outside the academic curriculum there has always been great concern with the development of students' personalities. First, clubs were encouraged for the joint pursuit of interests, such as: cooking, drawing game shooting, sanitary curses, now the most popular clubs are: computer science, English, photography and film. There is also a magazine team, publishing a school magazine, and a team operating a school intercom. Students who enjoy doing sports play in the school volleyball team, which competes in the volleyball league. Everyone can find something for themselves.
Students' body working together with teachers organize traditional school activities: "Otrzęsiny" - admitting new students to the school society, St. Nicolas' Day, Christmas Eve meetings, the Day of Self-Government, Earth Day.
Besides entertainment there is also time for reflection and rising patriotic awareness. Students helped by teachers prepare and perform for the local community shows celebrating national holidays, such as 11 November (Independence Day), 3 May (Constitution Day).
One of the most significant school events is a prom party, held 100 days before the final exam of secondary education - "matura." For many students this is the first time that they take part in the formal "adult-style" party. Formal clothes, good manners, ability to dance polonaise - are the absolute necessities.
The final exam - matura, traditionally held in the gym, has a unique atmosphere. The drawing of seat numbers, questions, writing essays - all of those elements will be remembered for years.
And finally , before leaving the school, students are given certificates of secondary education. A new leaf is turned over. Most of them continue their education in different kinds of schools of higher education.
School trips are important part of our educational programme. We believe that travelling is one of the best ways of learning about the world. Looking at the pictures taken in different places of Poland one can say that our students have visited the most important historical places in our country. 
In order to encourage students to take part in the cultural life frequent visits to the theatre, cinema, art exhibitions are organized. Students take part in meetings with actors, writers, and other artists.
 In recent years it has become customary for the students of the final year to take part in the trip called "Szlak Młodej Polski" to Cracow, and a visit to the Polish Parliament in Warsaw.  Besides the traditional visits to the Sudety or Karpaty Mountains or the Baltic Sea our students have also visited the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Germany (EXPO  in Hanover) and Lithuania. 
At the time when the role of school is quickly changing we want to develop students skills with a view to enhancing their employability and functioning in the information society, Therefore, we place a particular emphasis on the learning of foreign languages,  which is facilitated by our students taking part in European educational projects and students exchanges, and on the ability of using a computer and new information and communication technologies. This is possible owing to the new modern computer study.
Despite the relatively small number of students (about 100) the list of exchanges and European projects our school has participated in is impressive. The most important are:
-    students exchanges with Hestkaer Friskole (Denmark) and Droyssig Gymnasium (Germany) in 1995,
-    International Youth Meeting in MDSM in Krzyżowa with the schools listed above,
-    Language project "English Bridge between Poland and Spain" with the language school E.O.I. Chiclana in 2000/2001,
-    Comenius 1.3 School Development Project "Students Rights and Duties" with Matin ja Liisan Koulu School in Lapinlahti (Finland), Hauptschule Hummelsteiner Weg in Nuremberg (Germany) and I.E.S. Cesar Rodriquez in Grado (Spain) in 2002/2005,
-    Language project "Learning the partner's language" with I.E.S. Cesar Rodriquez in Grado (Spain) in 2005/2006.
Depending on the kind of the project different activities have been carried out. Students:
-    participated in international workshops (Meeting in Krzyżowa),
-    prepared and published a language phrasebook to enable young people function in the partner's country, (language project with the language school in Chiclana),
-     discussed the advantages and disadvantages of belonging to European Union with the students from Finland and teachers from Germany, Spain and Finland during the  international conference held in Poland in April 2003,
-    prepared computer presentations advertising our school,
-    made video films "The typical day of the typical student" and "Students organizations"
-    made a DVD film containing  language scenes which can be used for learning Spanish and Polish.
Currently we are in the process of discussing our participation in the 3-year school project, which would be implemented with the schools from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal.


Liceum w Kamienicy Polskiej
ul. A. Ferensa 12
42-260 Kamienica Polska
tel. 34 3273-229
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